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How to Teach Your Middle Schooler to Manage Money

The earlier you teach your kid about money, the more likely they’ll turn out to be financially responsible adults, research shows. Read More
Episode 48

PCL 48: How To Raise Financially Responsible Kids

Former NFL player-turned pastor and financial expert Lee Jenkins talks about how to talk to your kids about money in today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast. Read More

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How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Money at Every Age

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of parenting is teaching our kids how to handle money.  Kids who know the basics of healthy money management have a great opportunity to become adults who make good financial decisions. But teaching… Read More

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The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but fun and variety have been in short supply around our house since the pandemic started. Even though I’ve tried to make our home life as entertaining as possible given our circumstances, there’s something about quarantining at… Read More

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How to Help Your Teen (and Preteen) Find Their First Job

By the time your kid starts middle school, it’s time to at least begin thinking about ways they can earn a little extra money—especially during summer break. After all, those video games and value-sized combo meals aren’t going to pay for themselves. … Read More

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Skin in the Game Changes Everything

“I’d like to get a manicure.” This is a sentence I hear often as a dad of teenage daughters. Nails are a thing. I didn’t know that when I was growing up, because until I was 15 there were only brothers in… Read More

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4 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Good Stewards

When it comes to money, no parent decides they want their kids to grow up and be greedy penny-pinchers or uncontrollable debt-inducing consumers. Yet statistics will tell us that’s what happens. According to Business Insider, Millennials hold an estimated $1.1 trillion of… Read More

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Technology Tips: Tie Technology to Maturity Not Grades or Money

In this Technology Tip, Jon Acuff challenges parents to think about technological responsibility when giving their kids access to technology, not their ability to afford it or get good grades. Instead, look for maturity in them and see if they are in… Read More