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What Easter is About

As parents it can be really easy to get discouraged in a tough season with our kids. It can feel like it can never end and things will never get… Read More
Helping Kids Cultivate the Skill of Noticing | Parent Cue Blog

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Helping Kids Cultivate the Skill of Noticing

When kids have the skill of noticing the needs of others, they'll one day grow up to be a generation of compassionate adults. Read More

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Ringing in the New Year Without Fear

Fun fact about me. I hate New Year’s. If my kids were reading this, they would tell me, “We don’t say the word ‘hate’, Mom.” But since they aren’t perusing parenting blogs these days, I think I’m good. Besides, I really do hate New Year’s. These feelings go... Read More

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Let Your Kids See Your Faith

We think that our teens don’t really want to hear from us anymore about faith, and maybe that is true. But they do want to see us. They want to see if our faith is real. They want to see where we place our hope and trust.  Read More

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Motherhood Is a Relationship, Not a Calling

When I took the pressure off myself by refusing to view motherhood as a calling, I found freedom to be my authentic self with my kids. I was able to tell them when I felt annoyed with them. And do you know what their response was? After considering... Read More

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4 Signs Your Kid Is Losing Confidence

When your kid constantly contrasts their life against someone else’s, remind them of who they really are and what they’re capable of. Read More


Passing Down a Faith-Filled Life, Not a Trial-Free Life

Your daily ordinary tasks can become extraordinary opportunities to reach the hearts of your children. Read More


How Easter Gives Us Hope in the Midst of a Pandemic

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is: we’re in the middle of a health crisis and global pandemic that has radically restructured our normal routines and ways of life that none of us have ever had to walk through before. The good news is:... Read More


How to Stay Connected With Your Church During COVID-19

Maybe your family is like ours and you’ve hit the crabby phase of quarantine. It may not feel like it, but there are some silver linings to this stuck-in-this-together situation we find ourselves in. Read More


Be Okay With Saying “I Don’t Know”

When your kids start asking tough questions about faith, be ready with answers, but also be okay with saying, “I Don’t Know.”  Read More