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Why Parents Should Team Up With Teachers

Being a parent at school can be overwhelming. All that teacher jargon and new programs. Tons of data coming at you with test results and standards. Plus, the endless fliers… Read More

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A Few Things To Know About Preteens

This time of the year is filled with anticipation. By now some of you are a well into the school year while others of you are just getting started. Either… Read More

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4 Ways to Connect with Your Kid’s Teacher

Do you remember your first grade teacher? I loved mine. I remember how Ms. Parker erased the board from left to right every day and then wrote the new date in the top right hand corner. I also remember how she showed… Read More

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Looking for the Good in the Not-So-Good Behavior

"But I HATE chicken nuggets!" My 5-year-old daughter screamed these words in McDonald's and the blood rushed to my face. It felt like everybody was staring at us. At me. The mom with the brat. “You just asked for nuggets last week… Read More

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Why I Have No Plans to “Let Them Be Little”

You hear it a lot . . . Let them be little. It’s a sentiment so perfectly nostalgic and sweet, I totally get why it’s a favorite parenting mantra and a consistently trending #hashtag. Only, when it comes to parenting my three… Read More