Birth – 5 years

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

What to Do With the Curiosity of a Three-Year-Old

If you ask me, any phase that involves sleeping through the night is far superior to any that don’t. Add uninterrupted REM to the fact that most three-year-olds are beginning to learn how to dress themselves, go to the bathroom in an actual toilet, and tell you what... Read More

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Does My Child Measure Up? A Milestone Comparison Trap

Google “developmental milestones” and you may be surprised to see 1.5 million results. Are there that many milestones in the 18-year lifespan of a child from birth until they graduate from high school? No, definitely not. 1.5 million results tells us that common milestones happen at different times,... Read More

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

Messy One-Year-Olds

I’m not sure what captivates me more . . . the spontaneous belly laugh or the drool-mouthed wonder on their angelic faces. I can fall in love with a one-year-old faster than they can stink up a room with a saggy diaper. The cherub cheeks and adorable fat... Read More

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The Best Way to Help Your Four-Year-Old Learn

Who really knows what provokes that mischievous glint in the eye of a four-year-old just moments before they deliver the kick that makes the block tower tumble? I suspect it’s something about the thrill of destruction combined with the wondrous spectacle of discovery. Four-year-olds blend the reckless abandon... Read More

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

What Your New Baby Needs Most From You

Regardless of how many friends, family members, and perfect strangers try to paint an accurate picture of parenthood, there’s nothing anyone can say that adequately prepares you for that heart-stretching moment you hold your newborn for the first time. Read More

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Confessions of an Insecure Mom

I’m doing my best. I’m trying to care for my child the best I know how. Aren’t we all? I’m trying to raise him well, make informed decisions, love him to the very ends of my human limits. And somehow it’s not enough. And too much. All at... Read More

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

Parenting Through the Terrible Twos

Life can be challenging and unpredictable. And, if you’re parenting a two-year-old, you’re guaranteed this year will have plenty of both. That sweet baby who used to cuddle in your arms has not only learned how to walk but now he can run away from you—and fast. That... Read More

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The One Thing That Matters Most in the Preschool Phase

While caring for your preschooler, on days when your constant to-do list feels endless, you can’t help but wonder, am I doing anything that really matters? Read More

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

6 Ways to Meet Your Toddler’s Needs

Toddlers get a bad rap. Sure they whine and throw tantrums. But can you blame them? There’s a lot going on in those pint-sized bodies. But with the world at their fingertips, there’s still so much they can’t do. That’s where you come in. Read More

Birth - 5 years | Make It Personal

The Truth About the Baby Phase

Becoming a parent is one of those experiences in life where basically every cliché is true: It goes so fast. You’ll miss this. Just wait until they’re walking/talking/teenagers. They’ll grow out of it. It will get easier. At Parent Cue, we say something similar: It’s just a phase. So... Read More