Author: Sherry Surratt

5 Questions to Up Your Parenting Game

Here’s one thing I know. There isn’t a parent out there who woke up with the thought, I wonder how I could ruin my child today? We know you want to be the best parent you can be. But being a great parent requires more than focusing on your child. It calls for the courage to look within yourself and assess how YOU are doing. It’s time to make your parenting personal and we’re here to help. Let’s start with a few simple questions. How’s it going with the stuff that’s hidden deep? No, we’re not talking about the...

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Why We Tell Our Family Stories Over and Over Again

The Story of the Ugliest Christmas Tree In our first year of marriage, I was still finishing up my education degree while my husband worked for a church as a youth pastor. We were poor. Even when we dug under the couch cushions for loose change (which we frequently did), we barely had enough to make ends meet. It was Christmas, and we had to figure out how to celebrate it in our tiny one bedroom apartment. We were able to buy a scrawny tree from a discount lot near our church but what about decorations? Lights, ornaments, and...

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The Other Person Your Child Needs

We’re miles apart connected through cell phones, but the smile I feel in her voice sinks into my bones. With me, through moves across the country, career changes, moments when I was feeling sorry for myself, and times I needed to celebrate, Sibyl always had the words that hit the spot. She’s never shied away from saying what was hard  (she once told me to get off my butt and get started). But her words mattered because they were spoken from someone who knew me and loved me. We know as adults we need these voices in our lives,...

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Connecting When You Have Nothing in Common

I can still picture my daughter Brittainy as a bright, talented sixth grader. She could figure out technology with lightening speed, dribble a ball like it was attached to her hand with a string, and never so much as flinch when a soccer ball came straight at her head. With her dark hair, she took after her dad. They spent hours watching the Women’s USA Soccer team and figuring out a way to build a guitar pedal instead of handing over hard-earned cash for it. I would try to chime in, but their conversation sometimes left me in the dark. Staying up with the newest point guard for the Houston Rockets just wasn’t in my wheelhouse.

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The Power of a Grandparent’s Story

It’s time somebody said it. Grandparents matter. We step in and dare to tread where even the bravest of parents won’t. We invite those little people to climb in our lap with their damp bottoms and sticky fingers. We listen to endless jokes that have no punchline. We cram our oversized behinds into itty bitty pink plastic Barbie chairs for princess tea parties that don’t even include tea while wearing a plastic tiara that digs into our scalp. And we like it. We like it because that five-year-old who invited us is the perfect balance of spicy delight and winsome...

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