Author: Sherry Surratt

4 Things You May Not Know About the Parent Cue Store

Another store, you say? We know. You have lots of options when it comes to spending your money. But this store is different. It’s designed just for parents, with a very specific purpose. Here are 4 things you might not know about us. We know parents. As a mom or dad, we know you want to get this parenting thing right. We get it. That’s why we’ve created materials that help you understand who your kid is today so you can invest in their tomorrow. The Parenting Phase Guides and Parenting Through the Phases Small Group Study  are based...

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Looking for the Good in the Not-So-Good Behavior

“But I HATE chicken nuggets!” My 5-year-old daughter screamed these words in McDonald’s and the blood rushed to my face. It felt like everybody was staring at us. At me. The mom with the brat. “You just asked for nuggets last week because they are your favorite,” I hissed defensively under my breath. I felt trapped. And bewildered. Brittainy had literally done a nugget-180 in a matter of days. I complained about this incident later to an older mom. Her advice was sage: “See it for what it is. Address how Brittainy expressed her opinion, but don’t squash her...

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Where I Went When I Needed Parenting Help

If you’ve ever moved across the country with kids you are probably familiar with the word uprooted. Our daughter was going into kindergarten and our son into middle school when we moved from Texas to South Carolina and while it proved to be a great move for all of us, I’m sure my kids felt yanked. Out of all that was familiar and plunked down into everything that wasn’t, the look on my kids’ faces gave me a mom heartache. It doesn’t take a genius parent to figure out that just starting school and entering middle school isn’t the...

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Your One Best Thing

It’s that time of year. The stale leftover cookies are in the trash and I’m eyeing the tree, wishing it would pack up and walk itself to the basement. I’m ready to make a clean sweep of the holidays. Christmas is over. This means a brand new year ahead and I’m thinking about how my family can make the most of it. Should we set new goals, launch new habits? Rework our schedule and routine? Come up with a five year family growth plan? I have a headache. I love the idea of setting new family goals, but I...

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Should You Make Your Older Kids Go To Church?

I recently read an article about a family who loved to hike. Actually, not all of them loved it. One son shared how every weekend, rain or shine, he was forced to put on his hiking shoes (yes, forced) and he was loaded into the family car for what he described as a boring, wasted day of tramping in the woods. He said the numerous pre-hike conversations with his mom went like this. “I don’t feel good.” “The sunshine will make you feel better.” “I’m tired. Can’t I stay home?” “Put your shoes on. Let’s go.” He did put...

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