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How Generosity Helps Kids Live Richer, Fuller Lives

We know parents understand the value of raising kids who are generous with their time and resources to help others. Here are a few practical ideas to incorporate generosity into… Read More
5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager | Parent Cue Blog

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5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager 

Is technology destroying our society? Inhibiting our kids’ ability to carry on a multi-sentence conversation? Are we raising tiny little robots who will one day grow up to only communicate… Read More

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10 Screen-Free Things to Do With Your Kids Over Spring Break

More often than not, you default to more screen time than usual because you either 1) have absolutely no idea how to keep your kids entertained or 2) you still have your own work to do. If you’re looking for screen-free ways to have a fun spring break... Read More

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Safety Tips for Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online

Parents need to be safe online too. By protecting ourselves, we also protect our families from the dangers of technology. Read More

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How Planning Can Make You a More Present Parent

When it comes to you being present with your children, think quality over quantity. Think intentional over impromptu. Think practice over perfection.  Read More

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Dads: What We Do Matters

Our kids want to be who we are. They want to talk like we talk. They want to act like we act. And whether we like it or not, they will do as we do. Read More

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Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game

In the 30 minutes it took to play Level Up, I probably had one of the better conversations I’ve had with my son in quite a while—all while playing a board game. Who knew? Read More

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10 Ways to Engage Your Elementary Schooler Over the Summer

How do you keep your kids engaged and active—both mentally and physically—over the next few months? We have ideas! Read More

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When it Comes to Kids and Commitment: Show, Don’t Tell

It’s in the practice that we learn and grow and develop confidence. It’s through the repetition of hard work that things become easy. And it’s in those little steps—of daily practice—that dreams are realized. Read More

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7 Meaningful Activities to Help Your Kids Find Purpose

No matter what they would accomplish in life—the degrees earned, accolades received, or titles given—the biggest dream we have for our kids is that they would live a life of purpose.  Read More