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Dads: What We Do Matters

Our kids want to be who we are. They want to talk like we talk. They want to act like we act. And whether we like it or not, they… Read More
Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game | Parent Cue Blog

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Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game

In the 30 minutes it took to play Level Up, I probably had one of the better conversations I’ve had with my son in quite a while—all while playing a… Read More

Family Activities

10 Ways to Engage Your Elementary Schooler Over the Summer

We’ve waited for it all year—the weather has warmed up, the pools are beginning to open, and school is finally out. All that can only mean one thing: Summer is here! So, how do you keep your kids engaged and active—both mentally… Read More

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When it Comes to Kids and Commitment: Show, Don’t Tell

Ahhh . . . the best laid plans of mice and men and stars-in-their-eyes children.  That’s how the saying goes, right? I’ve got one kid who swears he’s gonna fight bad guys while we sleep and another who plans to rocket to… Read More

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7 Meaningful Activities to Help Your Kids Find Purpose

By: Mallory Darcy From the first moment you looked into their eyes, you dreamt big dreams for your baby. Maybe they would be a doctor, an astronaut, or an author. Maybe they’d design their own clothing line, star in the next box… Read More

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5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager 

I’m not going to give you a bunch of statistics about how much we’re on our phones, tablets, and computers, because we already know it’s a lot—probably (definitely) too much. But here’s the deal—those numbers aren’t really changing. People (kids, teens, and… Read More

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3 Ways to Show Up for Foster Families in Your Community

For most people, asking for help may be something that’s looked at as a last-resort option. Three years ago I would have included myself in that group. I consider myself a rather self-sufficient, reliant, and dependable person.  As I’ve shared in previous… Read More

Family Activities

Families Only Spend 37 Minutes Together a Day: Make Them Count

37 minutes. That’s not long.   Go on an Instagram deep dive? 37 minutes.  Watch an episode of your favorite show, then ignore the remote when the countdown begins and it rolls into the next episode? 37 minutes and then some. Mentally reorganize… Read More

Family Activities

PCL 07: Making Moments

Carlos Whittaker, author of Moment Maker, talks with Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy talk about how to create, receive, and rescue moments so you can have a better life and become a better parent. Read More

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Top 50 Books For Kids and Teens to Read While Stuck Inside

Thanks to the recent spread of the Coronavirus, we’re spending an unprecedented amount of time indoors, with no foreseeable end in sight. If you’re worried that you’ve already found the end of the internet in an effort to entertain your restless family,… Read More