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How Generosity Helps Kids Live Richer, Fuller Lives

We know parents understand the value of raising kids who are generous with their time and resources to help others. Here are a few practical ideas to incorporate generosity into… Read More
5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager | Parent Cue Blog

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5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager 

Is technology destroying our society? Inhibiting our kids’ ability to carry on a multi-sentence conversation? Are we raising tiny little robots who will one day grow up to only communicate… Read More

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10 Screen-Free Things to Do With Your Kids Over Spring Break

Remember when you were a kid and it was time for spring break? The week was so full of possibilities, and the excitement was incredibly hard to contain! But then you became a parent and that same break from school morphed into… Read More

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Safety Tips for Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online

Ours is the first generation of parents to raise kids in a world where technology is this immersive and this all-consuming. Because of that, many parents are hypervigilant—okay, let’s be honest, we’re stressed to the max!—about what our kids see and do… Read More

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How Planning Can Make You a More Present Parent

With the first day of school looming a few weeks ago, my youngest son—ready to stroll into kindergarten—looked at me and said, “You have to get all of your work done while we’re in school so you can play with us every… Read More

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Dads: What We Do Matters

Our children see, hear, and emulate all that we do.  And to be honest . . . yes, at times this can be a really scary realization. A few years ago, I began a tradition in our family called “Dadurday.” This is… Read More

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Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game

“Tell me about a time when you were afraid,” I asked my 10-year-old son.  “I guess it was that time when the tornadoes were close by and we had to go in the downstairs bathroom and shut the door. Then we lost… Read More

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10 Ways to Engage Your Elementary Schooler Over the Summer

We’ve waited for it all year—the weather has warmed up, the pools are beginning to open, and school is finally out. All that can only mean one thing: Summer is here! So, how do you keep your kids engaged and active—both mentally… Read More

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When it Comes to Kids and Commitment: Show, Don’t Tell

Ahhh . . . the best laid plans of mice and men and stars-in-their-eyes children.  That’s how the saying goes, right? I’ve got one kid who swears he’s gonna fight bad guys while we sleep and another who plans to rocket to… Read More

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7 Meaningful Activities to Help Your Kids Find Purpose

By: Mallory Darcy From the first moment you looked into their eyes, you dreamt big dreams for your baby. Maybe they would be a doctor, an astronaut, or an author. Maybe they’d design their own clothing line, star in the next box… Read More