I have never met anyone who has been over-encouraged.  I mean, have you ever come along side someone and tried to lift their spirits only to have them say, “That’s enough.  I’ve had more inspiration and motivation than I can handle.  I don’t need more support.  Please leave me alone.”   Me neither.

Two thoughts in this direction:

First, encourage someone in your family today.

Most people are closer to giving up on important things than we realize. This is likely even true in our families. A little encouragement goes a long way. If you don’t believe that, just look within yourself. You are likely discouraged about something important right now. Imagine that someone you respect came alongside you and invested even a few sentences encouraging you. It makes a difference, doesn’t it? Offer some meaningful encouragement today to your son or daughter or even your spouse. It will cost you nothing but it might mean everything to them.

Second, remember that encouragement has a purpose.

It is designed to en-courage you – literally to give you courage. Ponder about that the next time you give or receive encouragement. Encouragement is not flattery, nor is it only designed to make a person feel good. It is designed to give them the courage they need to do something worthwhile. And encouragement can be the difference maker between quitting or enduring, giving in or hanging in, embracing purpose or drifting away from it. This is big — your encouragement might actually help someone realize their God-given purpose.

So today, be an encourager.

In the meantime, how has someone’s encouragement has impacted you? How has the encouragement you’ve offered people impacted them in a positive way?