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Episode 60

PCL 60: How To Parent A College-Bound Teenager

In today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast, author and speaker, Jon Acuff, host Carlos Whittaker, and Orange’s Strategic Initiatives Director Ben Nunes have a candid conversation about being… Read More

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My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

“But no senior ever comes to school on early acceptance day.” I was a new high school teacher at the time, and I remember feeling dumbfounded by this kid’s revelation—that virtually every senior stayed home as they waited for our state college’s… Read More

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How to Foster Emotional Intelligence in Kids & Teens

Raising a teen who has a hard time feeling empathy, who has a hard time understanding someone else’s emotional experience, or who is prone to extreme emotional outbursts can be tough on the entire family. The good news is that empathy and… Read More

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They’re All Grown Up. Now What?

By: Charlie Conder   You parented your child for approximately 936 weeks from the day they were born until they graduated from high school. Welcome to week 937 and beyond.  It’s the beyond part for me. When high school graduation hits, you… Read More

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You’re Not as Cool as TikTok, but You Can Be Just as Influential on Your Child

Am I the only parent who cries on my kids’ birthdays?  I’m a mom to three girls, and all four of our birthdays happen within thirty days. It’s a very busy (and expensive) time in our house—not to mention an emotional one. … Read More

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To the Parents of the Class of 2020

To all my fellow parents who have a senior in high school, I feel your disappointment. I feel your frustration. I feel your sadness. I feel your shock. I feel the desperation to find the right words. I feel the struggle to… Read More

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Your Best Response to Your Back-at-Home College Student

In the midst of universities moving online due to COVID-19, your college student is packing up more than just a few suitcases. As they transition back home, they’re almost certainly lugging with them a host of emotions. You’ve likely seen these emotions… Read More

College and Young Adult

The One Thing Your Kid Needs Before Starting College

Helping your child transition from one phase to the next is never easy. You probably remember the first day of kindergarten, the first day of middle school, or the day they got their driver’s license. Chances are, at each phase, you found… Read More