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Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives

I have something like 1,300 contacts in my phone. No doubt, 1,300 is a crazy number. You might have double that, or half that. It’s just the world we live in. But even if you only had 100, you wouldn’t really know each of them well. Not deeply. Not... Read More

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Remembering Those Who Have Lost A Baby

I remember the moment I became a mother. It was early Sunday morning. Still dark outside. My brain was groggy. Exhausted. A million things were running through my head but the loudest was “SLEEP.” I had to wait just a little longer until I could wrap myself back... Read More

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Raising Kids Who Embrace Those Who are Different

“Mommy, what’s wrong with that kid?” Your child just blurted out an earnest question. . . in front of someone who appears to have a disability or simply looks different, somehow. Yikes. As a mother to a child with autism, my son has often prompted such innocent expressions... Read More

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Inviting Grandparents In

I will just go ahead and say it, my grandkids are brilliant geniuses. First grader Maggie can read the word ‘pinkalicious’, four-year-old Mollie can smell chocolate a mile away and baby Mason can fill a diaper like nobody’s business. Okay, some might say brilliantly average but not me.... Read More

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The Other Person Your Child Needs

We’re miles apart connected through cell phones, but the smile I feel in her voice sinks into my bones. With me, through moves across the country, career changes, moments when I was feeling sorry for myself, and times I needed to celebrate, Sibyl always had the words that... Read More

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Parenting Hack: Create a Board of Advisors

Carlos Whittaker gives a practical way to invite other adults to speak into the lives of your kids at critical times.   OTHER PARENTING HACKS Date Your Kid’s Desires Change the Wi-Fi Password Read More

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Widen the Circle

We believe there are five principles that will help you as a parent navigate through a variety of different seasons and help you parent beyond your capacity. Parenting can be intimidating, and you weren’t meant to do it alone. Regardless of your stage of parenting, here’s a promise: A time... Read More

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Fireworks and Spontaneous Family Reunions

As light shoots into the sky, we huddle up. Ooooohhh. Ahhhhhh. Wow. An aerial art show stills the crowd on New Year’s Eve or Independence day—or every day if you live in the Magic Kingdom. Lakeside, oceanside, cityside. In amusement parks, under a bridge, surrounded by mountains. We... Read More

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Tribes, Fun to Talk About, Hard to Actually Do

I like to think I am a brave parent, right up until the moment I actually have to be brave. I talk a good game, know most of the buzz words and occasionally act like I have a few things figured out. All of this works pretty well... Read More

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Why Your Kids Need Someone Else to Talk To

I remember the day I turned thirteen. I was thinking of my red three speed bike with the banana seat, sissy bar and raised handlebars. I loved it, but I knew it was a kids’ bike and soon I’d have to ride a ten speed like every other... Read More