Kendra Fleming

We are honored to have Kendra Fleming, a dear friend, guest post on our blog. Kendra is the Director of Children’s Ministry at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. She lives in Cumming, GA with her husband Gary and their four children, Jessica (19), Catherine (18), Jack (15), and Emily (13).

Parenting Takes Courage

Imagine The End | Make It Personal

Parenting Takes Courage

Confession: I lay awake at night and worry about my kids. It’s true. I know that worry is a waste of time. I know that worry shows a lack of… Read More
Forgiveness Matters

Character and Values | Imagine The End | Make It Personal

Forgiveness Matters

Your children will be treated unfairly. They will be lied to. They will be betrayed. There is no question that someone will hurt your children someday in someway. The question… Read More

Imagine The End | Make It Personal

Truly Grateful

When my kids were little and someone would give them a cookie or a toy,  I would always say, “What do you say Jack?” And his sweet little voice would… Read More

Fight For The Heart | Imagine The End

The Ultimate Creator

When children are born, we marvel over every little toe on their foot. Everything about them is amazing to us. And when we get that first smile—oh man, I remember… Read More
Raising Beautiful Girls

Imagine The End

Raising Beautiful Girls

Very few women make it through those early years completely unscathed. But if our girls are to grow up and thrive with confidence in spite of the standards of this… Read More

Widen The Circle

Getting it Right

I've been watching my daughter do all kinds of crazy things to get my little granddaughter to eat her vegetables. We are currently blending them into a green yogurt smoothie.… Read More


Traditions Create Memories

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to bake a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve and decorate it with the kids. I usually try to make a multi-layer… Read More

Create A Rhythm

Just You and Me

Carving out consistent one-on-one time with your kids is one of the best ways to stay in your child’s life. Your child wants a unique connection to you. They want… Read More

Make It Personal

Have Patience

When I was a kid my mom taught us a song about a snail named Herbert who needed to learn to have patience. Being the awesome big sister that I… Read More

Imagine The End

Pitching a Fit

Confession: Sometimes I watch the show Hoarders. It totally freaks me out and yet I watch. I don’t know if it inspires me to clean my house or I just… Read More
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