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Kendra Fleming

We are honored to have Kendra Fleming, a dear friend, guest post on our blog. Kendra is the Director of Children’s Ministry at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. She lives in Cumming, GA with her husband Gary and their four children, Jessica (19), Catherine (18), Jack (15), and Emily (13).

Imagine The End

Just Being Honest

Sometimes I struggle with telling my kids the truth about themselves. Not so much the good…but the bad and the ugly. I know it’s my job to help them grow.… Read More

Create A Rhythm


I was listening to "Summer Nights" by Rascal Flatts on the radio the other day and thought, every summer seems to be marked by a song. I’m not endorsing the… Read More

Imagine The End

Parent for Life

For some reason when my kids were little, I used think that I only had them until they turned 18. Like my job would suddenly end. When they were babies… Read More

Imagine The End | Make It Personal

Forgiveness Matters

A while ago something painful happened to our family.  It hurt. It was a betrayal. It was out of our control and it was someone else’s fault.  It left our… Read More

Fight For The Heart | Make It Personal

What Are You Missing?

Several years ago my family was going to the beach for spring break. It was a really hectic time at work, conferences were coming, deadlines were looming, and I didn’t… Read More