EPIC.  It’s a big word right now, the latest upgrade of “awesome” from years past.  But to me, the word goes even deeper and conjures up larger-than-life characters and adventure from classics like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

On that note, I’ve been reading about something called the Hero’s Journey with specific steps characters like Luke Skywalker and Frodo Baggins follow on their journey through transformation.

  • The hero starts out in an ordinary world, with limited awareness of the problem and is-
  • Called to an adventure, with increased sensitivity to the situation
  • They are initially reluctant and might even try to refuse
  • But they are encouraged by a mentor and overcome their doubts
  • They move into a special or different world, committed to the mission
  • But then they are tested, discovering both allies and enemies along the way
  • They go through a huge ordeal to help bring about the change they desire
  • Finally, they are transformed and changed themselves, no longer ordinary, and they experience some reward, consequences as well as improvements

It’s a storyline with which we all resonate, one that says we all have the ability to grow, that change and redemption are possible. It got me thinking about my own nine year old son, who loves these tales almost as much as I do.  How would something like that play out in his life?  Don’t we as parents want our kids to live EPIC lives and not settle for average?

While every part of the story is important, I think one of the most crucial elements in a Hero’s Journey for our children is the outside voice or mentor. With a strong mentor, our kids can navigate even the most difficult tests and ordeals.

It’s so important that we as parents find people that not only we can trust, but that our kids can trust to help them along in their life adventure. Who else is speaking into their lives and encouraging them in ways we cannot alone?

Cara Martens is the 252 Groups Director at Orange. She loves to write, research, and develop creative ideas. Cara and her husband, Kevin, have two kids and live in Texas.