When we talk about parents finding partners to help them parent beyond their capacity, we are drawn again and again to the church.  That’s at the heart of the Orange vision...the color red represents the heart of family, while the color yellow represents the light of Christ, the church.

Combined, these two influences make a greater impact together than they ever do alone – we see things happen that couldn’t happen otherwise.  Orange is just a fresh way of expressing God’s desire to use the combined influences of church and family together. The original vision goes back to Deuteronomy 6.

It’s not just the idea that the church does what church does and the family does what family does. Simply  having families and churches build faith into the lives of our children itself doesn’t release the potential of Orange.  The true potential of Orange gets released when church leaders and families work on the same thing at the same time with the same strategy.

Think of it this way…my younger son Sam loves sports.  He’s had some great coaches, but he has a strategy challenged dad.  I love sports, but I never played as a kid.  I had to learn what an offside was at the same time he did.  That makes me feel like he’s at a disadvantage at home.  When we throw the football in the backyard, he’s showing me how to throw a spiral.  The best advice I can give him before a game is “get in there and play hard”. Encouraging?  Sure.  Helpful?  Not really.

Now no coach has ever done this (yet), but imagine if coaches sent a strategy book and practice manual home for parents.  Learning about football is one thing.  I could get into that.  I might not be able to do everything, but I could do something.  I could at least say “Hey…let’s head outside and gets those 20 wind sprints done together today.”

That’s what a church leader can do for a parent. It goes far beyond that, but a true partnership between church leaders and parents can release things that otherwise would never be released.

Two questions:  How has church helped you in your journey as a parent?  And what would you love for church leaders to help you with that we haven’t helped you with yet?