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6 Truths for Any Special Needs Parent

“What’s your advice for a new special-needs parent?”  As a mother to an adult child with multiple disabilities, I get asked this often. It’s usually from a parent or caregiver struggling with a fresh diagnosis, or a compassionate friend (aka “first responder”)… Read More

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What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Parenting Style

When we as moms and dads know ourselves, we can act on that knowledge. Being self-aware ultimately makes us better parents. And the Enneagram can help.  The Enneagram is a personality typology that focuses on motivations. While most personality assessments group people… Read More

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When and How to Talk to My Child about Pornography

Most likely in the history of the world, there has never been a non-awkward conversation about pornography between a parent and child. “I had a wonderful, easy, conversation with my parents about porn,” said no kid, ever. Yet in today’s world, it’s… Read More

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Yes, They’re Mine: What Parenting Looks Like for Multi-Racial Families

“Are these your children?”   “Yes, they’re mine! I’m their mom and I’m so blessed!”  When you’re a multi-racial family, you get used to having interactions like this one. My husband and I are white and our three adopted children are Black. People… Read More

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How to Survive Divorce as a Parent

Now there’s a fun title, huh? Fun or not, it’s an important one.  You’ve probably heard that in our country, about half of all marriages end in divorce. But what you may not have caught wind of yet is that January 2021… Read More

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How Can I Get My High Schooler to Open Up to Me?

My husband and I have three children—ages 23, 21, and 18. One boy and two girls. And they all talk to us . . . a lot. We often get asked, “How did you get your kids to open up to you… Read More

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3 Ways to Show Up for Foster Families in Your Community

For most people, asking for help may be something that’s looked at as a last-resort option. Three years ago I would have included myself in that group. I consider myself a rather self-sufficient, reliant, and dependable person.  As I’ve shared in previous… Read More

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How to Help Your Teen (and Preteen) Find Their First Job

By the time your kid starts middle school, it’s time to at least begin thinking about ways they can earn a little extra money—especially during summer break. After all, those video games and value-sized combo meals aren’t going to pay for themselves. … Read More

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Why does Parent Cue talk about race?

We believe it is wrong for any individual or group to treat another individual or group as if they are inferior because of their ethnic origin or skin color. We believe that there have been patterns of racism throughout the history of this… Read More

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5 Tips for Coping with Suicide Loss

Loss of any kind is hard. The death of a loved one is one of the toughest events a parent can experience or usher a child through. And navigating loss due to someone taking their own life is heartbreakingly tragic. For the… Read More