Cell Phone Agreement

Helping kids learn how to be responsible with cell phones is a pretty big deal. This resource will help you communicate clear expectations with your child. First Name * Email… Read More

Middle School (6th-8th) | Technology

What Middle Schoolers Are Watching on YouTube

One of the most prominent things I’ve noticed about this generation of teenagers is the increase in middle schoolers' involvement with social platforms, and especially their involvement with YouTube. In… Read More

Social Media | Technology

Unexpected Parenting Lessons from the NCAA Championship Game

National sporting events are always jam packed with good parenting lessons. From the need to focus on your goal to what can be accomplished when you have discipline, there’s something special about seeing athletes excel. Sometimes though, the lessons are rather unexpected.… Read More


How Social Media is Molding Your Child

I’m a 90’s kid. That means I have fond memories of gathering around the TV watching T.G.I.F. with my family, I could slay Bop-It like my life depended on it, and I owned several "Now That’s What I Call Music…." er,r I… Read More

High School (9th-12th) | Social Media | Technology

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Interacting with High Schoolers on Social Media

Social media is the place where all the world’s a stage and you—a grown adult—find yourself playing understudy to the next generation. Hey, we get it. As soon as you get a grasp on Facebook or Instagram they announce another big change.… Read More

Middle School (6th-8th) | Technology

5 Rules We Gave Our 13-Year-Old When She Joined Instagram

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I had a whole lot of ideas about raising a teenager in a social media world right up to the moment that I actually had a teenager in a social media world. When… Read More


Technology Tip: Be Invested in What Your Kids Are Invested in Online

If you want to show your kids they matter to you, then discover more about the things they care about. In this technology tip, Jon Acuff talks about how to connect even as your kid's hobbies and passions move into the digital… Read More

Middle School (6th-8th) | Technology

5 New Rules for Digital Parenting

I’m not a huge fan of exaggeration, so let me say as clearly as I can, “The entire world changes when your kid gets a smart phone.” You think you know, oh you’ve read some articles or heard chit chat at dinner… Read More