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5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager 

Is technology destroying our society? Inhibiting our kids’ ability to carry on a multi-sentence conversation? Are we raising tiny little robots who will one day grow up to only communicate… Read More
5 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Teen

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5 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Teen

Technology is here to stay. We can choose to fight it, fear it, or lean in and leverage the distinctive opportunities it might offer us to grow in trust and… Read More

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Is My Kid Addicted to Technology?

We live in a digital world. Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. Smart TVs. There are so many devices that occupy our kids’ attention. Controlling screen time is an ever-present task for parents, but it can be tricky because screens are literally everywhere. The challenge is this: technology isn’t going anywhere.... Read More

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Five Boundaries to Put in Place for Your Kids’ New Technology

As parents, we’ve been charged with keeping our kids safe, and technology is included in that. If your kids got a new device recently, it’s important everyone is clear on how and when the device will be used. Read More

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Safety Tips for Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online

Parents need to be safe online too. By protecting ourselves, we also protect our families from the dangers of technology. Read More

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Setting and Keeping Technology Boundaries

iPads and laptops are everywhere, and for parents who want to put limits on their kids’ screen time, it can be difficult to find a healthy balance. Read More


The Best $4 I Spend Every Week

My 15-year-old daughter bet me $1 that she could spend less time on her phone each week than me. I was thrilled at this suggestion. Have you ever in your life heard of a teenager challenging you to see who can stay off an iPhone the most? That... Read More


Thanks to the Internet, Everyone Is a Storyteller

“Will you tell me a story dad?” “What were you like when you were my age mom?” “What were your favorite toys when you were a kid?” We’ve all heard questions like that from our kids. No matter how old they are, there’s a universal desire in children... Read More


Fortnite: I’ll Pass On the V-Bucks

The Saga If you have any contact with a kid over age 8, I’m sure you have heard of Fortnite. If not, simply say that word around a kid and you will get a reaction. Especially boys. It is the latest and greatest in the App Store, Xbox,... Read More

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A 3-Pronged Approach to Solving Technology Issues With Your Kid

Your kids want to be on their devices all the time. They have figured out how to make an iPod, mobile device, or computer do things that you never thought possible. This has become a hot-button issue in your house. You wish they would just go outside and... Read More