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5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager 

Is technology destroying our society? Inhibiting our kids’ ability to carry on a multi-sentence conversation? Are we raising tiny little robots who will one day grow up to only communicate… Read More
5 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Teen

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5 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Teen

Technology is here to stay. We can choose to fight it, fear it, or lean in and leverage the distinctive opportunities it might offer us to grow in trust and… Read More

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Is My Kid Addicted to Technology?

We live in a digital world. Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. Smart TVs. There are so many devices that occupy our kids’ attention. Controlling screen time is an ever-present task for parents, but it can be tricky because screens are literally everywhere. The challenge… Read More

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Five Boundaries to Put in Place for Your Kids’ New Technology

On Christmas Day, kids across the world rushed to their living room to find a nondescript, squarish box with their name on it waiting under the tree. The device they’ve been waiting, begging even, for. (Cue angelic, four-part harmony fit for the… Read More

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Safety Tips for Sharing Your Kids’ Photos Online

Ours is the first generation of parents to raise kids in a world where technology is this immersive and this all-consuming. Because of that, many parents are hypervigilant—okay, let’s be honest, we’re stressed to the max!—about what our kids see and do… Read More

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Setting and Keeping Technology Boundaries

Technology—it’s a blessing and a curse for many parents.  What can provide ten minutes of entertainment for a crying toddler, and the resulting quiet that comes with it, can eventually turn harmful to an iPad-addicted ten-year-old. And, these days, it’s not a… Read More


The Best $4 I Spend Every Week

If you ever meet my kids, please don’t tell them about this article. If you do, you might accidentally ruin the best $4 I spend every week. Allow me to explain. When Apple updated the operating system for the iPhone, they included… Read More


Thanks to the Internet, Everyone Is a Storyteller

“Will you tell me a story dad?” “What were you like when you were my age mom?” “What were your favorite toys when you were a kid?” We’ve all heard questions like that from our kids. No matter how old they are,… Read More


Fortnite: I’ll Pass On the V-Bucks

The Saga If you have any contact with a kid over age 8, I’m sure you have heard of Fortnite. If not, simply say that word around a kid and you will get a reaction. Especially boys. It is the latest and… Read More