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Easter Basket Ideas They’ll Love

Easter is a holiday that brings so many reasons to celebrate! Looking for Easter gifts for your crew that go beyond sweet treats that every bunny will love? We’ve got you… Read More
2022 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Phase

Valentine’s is a holiday with momentum you can leverage to connect with your kid, family, and local community. Read More

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21 Things We Learned in 2021

If you read my blog post from last year, you know I was not a fan of 2020. Imagine my surprise when January 1, 2021 dawned and absolutely nothing magical or transformative happened to improve my circumstances. No Cinderella moment. Just me,… Read More

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What The Parent Cue Community is Thankful for This Year

If there’s anything the last couple of years has taught us it’s to be grateful. A massive perspective shift has happened for so many of us, and the little things that often went overlooked became big beacons of hope for what lies… Read More


What If This Was Your Last Christmas?

What if you knew this Christmas would be your last Christmas? I know, I know, it’s not a fun thing to think about, but just bear with me for a minute.  Just what if?  The reason I ask is because we knew.… Read More

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4 Practical Ways to Model Gratitude to Your Kids

There are many words available in the dictionary to describe our kids. There’s . . .  Cuddly. Hilarious. Sassy. Clever. Mischievous. Creative. Loyal. Opinionated. But grateful? Grateful isn’t a word that first comes to mind when we think about kids in general.… Read More

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The Parent Cue 2021 Gift Guide

Parts of 2021 felt so refreshingly different from last year.  In-person school was back in session.  Churches congregated again. Outdoor events were back on our calendars. Family and friends breathed the same air again. But other parts...well, referring to them as “Sophomore… Read More

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6 Conversations to Have With Your Kid at the Start of the New School Year

A new school year can stir up some pretty big emotions in your kid. They’re facing a totally new environment, peer group shifts, and a disruption to their summertime rhythm…all while learning something new all day every day. It’s a lot.  So,… Read More

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How Can We Make This Year Better?

I love a good fresh start.  I’m a sucker for Mondays. I dutifully write New Year resolutions every year. There’s nothing like breaking in a brand-new notebook. And Spring cleaning? That is my jam. If you’re anything like me, you are charmed… Read More