A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Budget | Parent Cue Blog

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Budget

This year we wanted to make the celebration easier so we put together a list of great (and budget-friendly) gifts to let the moms in your life know how wonderful… Read More
How to Model Contentment When You’re Feeling Pretty Miserable | Parent Cue Blog

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How to Model Contentment When You’re Feeling Pretty Miserable

As parents, we’ve got an innate responsibility to lead our kids through this darkness even though we feel mostly blind ourselves.  Read More

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The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but fun and variety have been in short supply around our house since the pandemic started. Even though I’ve tried to make our home life as entertaining as possible given our circumstances, there’s something about quarantining at… Read More

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Fewer Gifts This Christmas

The last thing you want on Christmas morning is a disappointed kid, especially considering how difficult 2020 has already been. It’s been a year of postponements, cancellations—and, for many Americans—beaten-up bank accounts.  So if you know that Christmas is going to be… Read More


15 Traditions to Make Your Holiday Brighter

This year has been full of change, uncertainty, and unprecedented circumstances. (How many times have we heard that phrase over the last 9 months?!) The challenges we face have proven everyone responds to a given experience in a variety of ways. For… Read More


The Parent Cue 2020 Gift Guide

If there were ever a year you’d like to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, 2020 is it.  Yes, this Christmas will be different from any other. But, there’s no need to add to the stress we… Read More

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The Newly-Single Parent Holiday Guide

First, let me say that getting separated or divorced just sucks. It does. Even if the dissolution of the relationship provides relief in many ways, it’s still deeply disappointing. Not to mention embarrassing.  I know zero people who get married and think,… Read More

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A Letter to Parents Who Hurt During the Holidays

Hey, friend: Yes, you. The one who’s dreading the upcoming holiday season. I know you get this pit in your stomach whenever you think about it, but you try to put on a cheerful face for your kids and your family. You… Read More

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Have an Honest Conversation about Your Holiday Budget (Here’s How)

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?  That’s probably an understatement. For a lot of families, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways we’ll never forget. And, for some of us, it’s taken a hard toll on our bank… Read More