If there’s anything the last couple of years has taught us it’s to be grateful. A massive perspective shift has happened for so many of us, and the little things that often went overlooked became big beacons of hope for what lies ahead, like…

…breathing in the same air of someone you love.
…being wrapped in a tight embrace after months of distance.
…hearing your kid tell stories again after spending time with friends.
…going out and about doing normal things without it feeling like a big life decision.

We asked our community over on Instagram what they were thankful for this year and their responses were just as we expected —people around the world are simply thankful for normalcy, support, and surviving some of their hardest days. Here’s what some of them have to be thankful for:

  • Community
  • Grace
  • Healthy kids
  • New friends
  • A new home
  • Childcare availability
  • Good health
  • God’s faithfulness
  • Emotional growth
  • Family
  • A slow and simple lifestyle
  • Resilient, happy kids
  • Church family
  • Kids’ new school and their teachers
  • In-person church
  • Marriage
  • Seeing the sunrise
  • A warm cup of coffee
  • To be alive and healthy

We know there is power in gratitude and remembering all the good things, big or small. To our Parent Cue Community, we want you to know we are grateful for you and your presence here. We value your contribution and we wouldn’t be the same without you.