When children are born, we marvel over every little toe on their foot. Everything about them is amazing to us. And when we get that first smile—oh man, I remember that moment so clearly.

And then they grow! And they are taller than we thought they would be. Or their hair is red and curly. Or they can throw a ball like no other one-year-old you’ve ever seen. Or maybe they are shy and quiet and taking it all in.

From the moment a child is conceived, we see God’s incredible creative nature on display. Each and every person is unique.

Have you ever seen the Redwood Forest in California? Or a beautiful sunrise over the ocean? Or how about a three-toed sloth? What was God thinking? Why did he make such uniqueness all around? He is so obviously the Creator.

So, here’s my question. If God created us to be marvelously unique, how much time do you spend trying to press your child into an acceptable mold? You know, maybe you want them to be a businessman like their granddaddy. Or maybe you think your little girl should be super organized just like their mama. Do you wish they were a certain size and shape? Do you think your son should play football, or your daughter play the piano?

There is nothing wrong with them picking up the traits of their parents or the people around them. Believe me, they are soaking up everything that you are.

But what if we stepped back for a moment and viewed our child as this unique and amazing creation? What if we reveled in the creativity that God has shown in the creation of our child, just like we would in the amazing creativity of the beautiful Island Butterfly in the picture above?

Aren’t they amazing? God did something truly and purely creative when He made that little person that you love so much.