The last few weeks have been crazy at work and crazy at home. Too much going on! When I know that I have a lot to do, I get in this rushing mode.

Rushing the kids out the door in the morning.

Rushing from meeting to meeting.

Rushing to meet writing deadlines.

Rushing home to get my son to piano lessons.

Rushing to make dinner.

Rushing to pick up my daughter from the gym.

Rushing conversations.

Rushed listening.

Running a few minutes late.

Missing so much.

If I’m not careful, a busy week or two can turn into a cycle to see how much I can pack into a day. I somehow pride myself on every minute being scheduled. Perfectly. Like I’m going to get a prize someday for being super organized!

When I find myself in a crazy busy season, here are a few questions that I like to ask myself:

Is this REALLY for a season? Have you ever been in a position where you find yourself asking your family to hang tough with you for one week and then it will all settle down? And then the next week, you hear yourself saying it again, “Just one more week, and it will all settle down.”

Get honest with yourself, and decide if the pace you are running is truly for a short season. If it’s not, you have a harder question to answer. Are you willing to give up what you will lose by running at this rushing pace?

Is there anyone who can help me? I’m lucky enough to live close to my parents. More than once, I’ve asked my family to jump in and help for a week. Can I bring in some extra short-term help at work? I can usually find a college kid or a willing mom to jump in and carry some of the extra load. Ask for help!

When does the rushing end and how will I reconnect to a normal pace? Set a date. Get away from the rushed pace and make a clean break. For me, it’s usually a vacation or a long weekend. Maybe I’ll plan to take a few days off and stay home to get things back to a normal pace. Normal family dinners and normal morning routines–no rushing!

Are you always rushing? What can you do to return to a normal sustainable pace?