Carlos Whittaker shares a life-changing tip for parents who need help motivating their kids to do their chores. You’ll never see them work so fast!

Here is how you can change your wifi password easily:

  1. On the back or bottom of your wifi router is an ip address.  It is normally 4 numbers separated by periods. Here’s an example:
  2. Open a new window in your internet browser, and type in your IP address into the browser web address line.
  3. Once you login to your router there will be an option to change the wifi password (if you do not know your login information, you may need to contact your internet provider).

If you have lots of devices on your wifi network like printers, Apple TV, computers, etc., you can split the wifi network into 2 wifi networks. This will allow you to keep all home devices on one network and the kids’ devices on the other! This way when you change the kids wifi network, you aren’t having to reconnect every single device in the house.

Most newer routers do this VERY EASILY from the settings pages. If your wifi router does not do this you will need to either upgrade or just keep changing the main wifi password.

Other Parenting Hacks

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