When our oldest daughter was a preschooler, her favorite book was the “bird story.” Countless times she would say, “Read me bird story” as she plopped it (and herself) in my lap. The actual title of the book was Little Bird Biddle Bird, by David Kirk. We both had it memorized by the time she started kindergarten!

Our youngest daughter’s favorite was “mouse book,” better known as Where Does Maisy Live? by Lucy Cousins. I can still hear her sweet giggle as she would say, “Noooo” when I asked, “Does Maisy live in the hen house?”

Parents read books to their children—a lot of books!

Those that are read over and over again, stick.

What if some of those books also taught biblical truths,
in an age-appropriate way,
through a memorable rhyme,
with beautiful illustrations,

in a way that preschoolers would want to hear again and again,
and Mom and Dad were the first to tell them how
God made them,
God loves them, and
Jesus wants to be their friend forever?

All of sudden, stories that most children hear at church, maybe a handful of times before they enter elementary school, become stories they hear as many times as they want,
any time of the year,
from the most trusted adults in their lives.

That’s why every time I read or hear “The Christmas Story, written just for toddlers and preschoolers,” I want to say, “and parents too!”

Yes, the words and illustrations of The Christmas Story were carefully chosen with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. But I was also thinking of parents.

I wanted to put something in the hands of mom and dad that would help them share true stories from the Bible with their children in the comfort of their own home … or mini van … or park bench … or playground. Wherever they want!

Words they could share with their child, not just one time a year on a special day, but throughout the entire year.

Imagine if The Christmas Story became “read Baby Jesus” on a summer afternoon,
or The Easter Story became “read Jesus alive” on a cold winter’s day,
or The Creation Story became “read God made everything” while enjoying a fall day.

If you’re a parent or grandparent looking for ways to share God’s stories with your little ones, we have something we think you and the preschooler in your life will want to read again and again and again.

God made me,
God loves me, and
Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Some truths are just too good to hear only once a year.

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