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4 Signs Your Kid Is Losing Confidence

Kids seem to be born confident creatures.  They have no problem expressing their needs (sometimes, quite loudly). They’re secure in their appearance (hello, polka dots and stripes). They make it clear when they don’t like something (baby boundaries in full effect). Quite… Read More

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8 Confidence-Building Truths Every Kid Should Hear from Their Parent

My almost nine-year-old kid came out of the womb with the confidence of a serial killer. She’s not a serial killer, obviously. She’s really lovely and we adore her. But we get a kick out of the fact that her confidence is… Read More

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What You and Your Kids Need to Know About True Confidence

“Yeah, Mom. Everyone knows that,” my six-year-old recently informed me, complete with facepalm. When it comes to his knowledge of the world, my son is supremely confident. When it comes to just about everything else . . . he’s not. After a… Read More

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7 Meaningful Activities to Help Your Kids Find Purpose

By: Mallory Darcy From the first moment you looked into their eyes, you dreamt big dreams for your baby. Maybe they would be a doctor, an astronaut, or an author. Maybe they’d design their own clothing line, star in the next box… Read More

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How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Money at Every Age

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of parenting is teaching our kids how to handle money.  Kids who know the basics of healthy money management have a great opportunity to become adults who make good financial decisions. But teaching… Read More

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Teaching My Child about Gossip

I have a sister who will not gossip.  I’m an adult, so this should make me proud. But I’m also human, so it’s kind of annoying too. Growing up, she always responded to my inquiries about mutual friends with a smile and… Read More

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Help! Our Kids Caught Us Fighting

Most parents have been there.  You’re in the heat of the moment, an argument broke out with your spouse, both of your voices raise, and you look over to see your little one standing in the corner of the room. She heard… Read More

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What I Want My Daughter to Know About Love

Have you ever noticed how children as young as three or four-years-old are enamored with the idea of friendship and being known? I’ve certainly observed this to be true. My daughter, who is five, is captivated by the relationship between my wife… Read More

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How to Help Your Kids Reach Their Full Potential Without Warping Their Identity

I think it’s safe to say most of us can remember a time or two million when our parents or another caring adult said or did something when we were younger that had a negative impact on our self-esteem. Lord knows I… Read More

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Yes, They’re Mine: What Parenting Looks Like for Multi-Racial Families

“Are these your children?”   “Yes, they’re mine! I’m their mom and I’m so blessed!”  When you’re a multi-racial family, you get used to having interactions like this one. My husband and I are white and our three adopted children are Black. People… Read More