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Yes, They’re Mine: What Parenting Looks Like for Multi-Racial Families

Children see what is most important. They see past skin color. Beyond that, they will also see the commonalities that unite us. Read More

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The Conversation I Wish Every White Parent Had with Their Kids

We have the chance to make the race conversation about what it should be—a true love for others. Read More

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How Can I Get My High Schooler to Open Up to Me?

I have to remind myself of the bigger goal, which is that I want my kids to know I care more about what they need to say than anything else in that moment. Read More

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How Do I Encourage Kids to Be Friends?

We think they should know how to communicate their feelings and listen to others. We think empathy and respect should be innate.  Read More

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4 Questions to Ask When You Notice a Shift in Your Child’s Behavior

Sometimes shifts in behavior are clear as day; other times they’re more subtle. We can rail against these changes. We can check out. We can pretend they aren’t happening and avoid them altogether. Or we can be brave and lean in.  Read More

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How to Build a Bridge Back to Your Kid After an Argument

disagreements happen—especially with a middle or high schooler. As they are forming opinions about what they believe their world should or shouldn’t look like, sometimes it collides head-on into your own wisdom and experience. Read More

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What to Do When You Notice Your Kid Is Struggling Socially

And while we’d love to take a magic wand and make all of their struggles disappear . . . we can’t. However, we can take action in helping our children grow by instilling practical truths into their social lives.  Read More

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Left Out: How to Help Your Kid Through Heartbreak When They Weren’t Invited

As difficult as it might be, your child will get through it with your help and guidance. And they will grow up as a stronger, more compassionate and empathetic adult for having gone through it.  Read More

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How New Dads Can Foster a Healthy Image of Beauty for Their Daughters

As a man, having a daughter forces you to slow down and deconstruct what you believe and what society says about a woman’s body and how it’s connected to her worth. And if I’m honest, I think this is where a lot of fathers drop the ball.  Read More

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How I Can Model Beauty to My Daughter

The idea of having a daughter scared me: How conditioned was I to the traditional standards of beauty? Even though I was super aware, could I unintentionally pass on an unrealistic idea of beauty to my daughter? Read More