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2022 Mental Health Goals for Every Parent

If 2020 felt like a free fall, 2021 brought us a rollercoaster of emotions.  For parents, the past year took us on a thrill ride of both worry and relief: Kids are back in school! But with mask contention. Covid’s calming down!… Read More

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4 Practical Ways to Model Gratitude to Your Kids

There are many words available in the dictionary to describe our kids. There’s . . .  Cuddly. Hilarious. Sassy. Clever. Mischievous. Creative. Loyal. Opinionated. But grateful? Grateful isn’t a word that first comes to mind when we think about kids in general.… Read More

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The Simplest Way to Connect With Your Kid

I’ve got some bad news for you today.  The older your kids get, the less they talk to you.  I know that if you have a three-year-old right now who sits behind you in the car and does director’s commentary when you… Read More

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Five Ways to Help Your High Schooler Find Their Purpose

How do we give our teenagers something to do—not just a list of things to stay away from? How do we give them opportunities to collaborate with their family, serve their community, and discover how God has uniquely wired them to influence… Read More

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5 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About Confidence

I remember one time, I was walking off stage after hosting a game show for a live audience, and I about collapsed, I was so relieved that it was over.  “I was nervous the entire time,” I told a coworker standing nearby.… Read More

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Building Your Kid’s Confidence While Building Your Own

Raise your hand if you’re the most confident person ever.  Yeah, I hear those crickets chirping.  If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us parents feel like we have no business teaching our kids how to be their most confident selves. I… Read More

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How to Pull Up Beside Your Kid’s Insecurities

I believe that 2020 really sucked the confidence out of our kids. But if we’re being honest, there were plenty of confidence-killing messages coming at them even before 2020. In the life of a preteen, their entire sense of worth can be… Read More

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Creating Connection with a Disrespectful Child

Even on the best days, raising humans can feel exhausting. Raising a child with disrespectful behavior can leave a parent feeling completely drained and powerless. Parents are often left wondering how best to respond. Discovering ways to connect with your defiant or… Read More

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5 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Confidence

Every parent wants their kid to grow up confident. We all want our kids to be convinced of their place in the world, bold in their approach to life, self-reliant and courageous when it comes to their perception of themselves. But as… Read More

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When it Comes to Kids and Commitment: Show, Don’t Tell

Ahhh . . . the best laid plans of mice and men and stars-in-their-eyes children.  That’s how the saying goes, right? I’ve got one kid who swears he’s gonna fight bad guys while we sleep and another who plans to rocket to… Read More