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Compelling Your Kids to Serve

There’s a film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s autobiographical novel Little Women that includes a moment when Jo, the heroine, receives criticism from her German professor on her first novel… “It is not written from your heart, it is not written from your soul; when you have courage... Read More

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Don’t Miss the True Story of Christmas

There are certain times in the year that just go by faster than others. Christmas is one of them. There is so much going on from the time we clean up the turkey to when we take down the tree that if we’re not intentional, the big day... Read More

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Should You Make Your Older Kids Go To Church?

I recently read an article about a family who loved to hike. Actually, not all of them loved it. One son shared how every weekend, rain or shine, he was forced to put on his hiking shoes (yes, forced) and he was loaded into the family car for... Read More

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When Asking For Help Is Not Enough

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in this situation often: eyes closed, fists clenched, blood pressure rising, and the only words you can grumble are . . . God, help me. The chocolate milk has been spilled for the fourth time in one meal. God, help... Read More

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How I’m Praying For My Kids Now That They’re Older

I’m a “fix it” mama. Sibling argument? I’m there to mediate. Upset stomach? I have medicine for that. Shoes have a hole? No problem. I can buy new ones. Difficult homework? We can figure it out together (thanks to YouTube tutorials). Yep. I was pretty good at the whole... Read More

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Practicing Faith Skills With Your Child

If you’re a parent with a faith of your own, chances are it’s important to you to instill solid, character-building, faith-growing practices in the daily habits of your children. If you’re a parent, and you’re anything like me, thinking about being responsible for the development of someone else’s... Read More

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Making Room For Joy at Christmas

Christmas can feel complicated. We can feel lots of emotions at once: harried with many things to do, spread thin inside a calendar filled with parties and people you may or may not actually want to see, longing for—or freedom from—Christmases past, with a ribbon of delight and... Read More


Read It Again

When our oldest daughter was a preschooler, her favorite book was the “bird story.” Countless times she would say, “Read me bird story” as she plopped it (and herself) in my lap. The actual title of the book was Little Bird Biddle Bird, by David Kirk. We both... Read More

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3 Mealtime Questions that Will Change Everything (Including the Quality of Your Food)

Just kidding about the part about changing the quality of your food, but there are 3 questions that could change a lot of things about how you talk about faith. If your house is anything like mine, the bath time and bedtime routine can often turn into a... Read More

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Just Because

Have you ever felt like your kids aren’t listening to what you say? Do you sometimes struggle with finding time to talk with your kids about something more than what time they need to be wherever they need to be and how they need to clean their room... Read More