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4 Questions to Ask When You Notice a Shift in Your Child’s Behavior

My oldest daughter just entered middle school. No book, podcast, or theologian could have prepared me for how quickly she’d begin to change in the months leading up to her 11th birthday. The freedom to socialize and text her friends became the… Read More

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Take a Deep Breath: 5 Things That Are True Today

Well, friends, we made it. The drama of last week is behind us. And now we’re here.  And here looks like . . . being stuck in that head space between a tense presidential election and the holidays looming large on our… Read More

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10 Affirmations for the Worried Parent

If you’re anything like me, the words “parenting” and “worrying” are pretty much synonymous. Why doesn’t my 7-year-old sleep through the night? Why can’t I get my kids to eat anything besides cereal? Am I destroying their futures with my OCD-level of… Read More

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Using a Feelings Wheel: Why it’s Helpful and How it Works

I know. You might be thinking, “What in the world is a Feelings Wheel, and what makes it practical for my everyday life?” A Feelings Wheel is a tool used to help recognize and communicate feelings. Although it may seem a bit… Read More

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How Parents Can Help Kids Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

It seems like every day we’re met with the news of horrific stories from around the world or personal tragedies that hit closer to home. Whether you’ve got a kid who’s great at expressing themselves or a kid who likes to keep… Read More

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Parenting When You’re a Sensitive Person

I have a rising 6th-grader who is the greatest human being on the planet (totally unbiased opinion, obviously). Currently, we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 quarantine. So, she hasn’t had the same experiences most 5th-graders have prior to entering middle school.… Read More

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Helping My Middle and High Schooler Manage Their Emotions

As a counselor for teenagers, I see and hear a lot of stuff. But I bet you wouldn’t be able to guess what my most memorable and favorite sessions look like. I should say first that I truly love all of my… Read More

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4 Ways to Maintain Mental and Emotional Wellness During a Crisis

So much of our world has changed in just a few weeks. Many people are feeling anxious, disrupted, and overwhelmed. If you have been struggling with your own anxiety or depression, the current COVID-19 outbreak may trigger the feeling that you’re spiraling… Read More