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How Boys Learn Differently Than Girls

In our last post, we talked about how girls learn differently than boys. As we noted boys and girls are very different! Whereas girls are primarily wired to learn through being social and relationships, boys are hardwired for activity and movement. Physical Development As we continue… Read More

Imagine The End | School Life

How Girls Learn Differently Than Boys

“My favorite times of the day are lunch and P.E.” “The hardest parts of my day are P.E. and lunch.” If you had to guess, which gender would you say made each of these statements? Over the last fifteen years, as counselors,… Read More

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Your Kid Won’t Measure Up This Year. And That’s Wonderful.

As summer comes toward an end and the prospect of the school year looms close, I start to feel a whole host of emotions. Gratitude for what summer has meant for our family and usually some let-down about what it didn’t mean.… Read More

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How to Successfully Ease Out of Summer and Back to School

The hardest part of the summer ending is pretending you’re not happy about it as a parent. Hiding your joy from kids who get mad at even seeing the back to school products in Target is difficult. Does that mean you haven’t… Read More

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How to Help Your 6th Grader Navigate the Drama at School

Psst! Did you hear about Emily and Olivia? Oh my gosh! They had the biggest fight ever. And Ryan started the whole thing! Everybody’s talking about it! And so goes the story heard round the school. Measly kid stuff . . .… Read More

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How to Help Kids Love to Learn

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” It’s well known that Einstein was never one for the classroom. While he excelled in many of his studies, school left him frustrated. He eventually dropped out of… Read More

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4 Tips to Start off the School Year

Last year, when my oldest started Kindergarten, I learned I had a sort of spilt-personality. It turns out there’s a school year version of myself and a non-school year version. And since parenting and school was a new thing for me, let’s… Read More