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This Time Next Year

As this year's graduates said their goodbyes, I watched with a renewed attention. This will be us next May. Celebrating. Dreaming. Planning. So much of what I thought I knew about parenting has unraveled over the past few years. My oldest son… Read More

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Ending the Homework Hassle

Any time parents of teenagers or pre-teens are in a room together, the subject of homework and education seems to be on their lips. My experience is that most of the time parents worry more about their teen’s schoolwork than the teen… Read More

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How Boys Learn Differently Than Girls

In our last post, we talked about how girls learn differently than boys. As we noted boys and girls are very different! Whereas girls are primarily wired to learn through being social and relationships, boys are hardwired for activity and movement. Physical Development As we continue… Read More

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How Girls Learn Differently Than Boys

“My favorite times of the day are lunch and P.E.” “The hardest parts of my day are P.E. and lunch.” If you had to guess, which gender would you say made each of these statements? Over the last fifteen years, as counselors,… Read More