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5 Ways to Connect With Other Parents This Summer

Have you ever been sitting in a room, staring at a television, following along with its plot with more than a little interest, only to realize you’re watching a Bubble Guppies episode that you’ve seen fifty-seven times? It happens.  Sometimes, we can… Read More

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7 Signs Your Child May Be Lonely

Parents hate to think their child might be lonely. Few things are worse to a kid than feeling left out of a playgroup, or like they don’t have anyone to hang out with at lunch, or as if they’re invisible to their… Read More

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With Loneliness

With the past year of school closures, quarantines, and canceled family gatherings, many of us have experienced waves of isolation due to limited time spent in person with family and friends. Parents hate to think that their child might be lonely. And… Read More

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Teaching My Child about Gossip

I have a sister who will not gossip.  I’m an adult, so this should make me proud. But I’m also human, so it’s kind of annoying too. Growing up, she always responded to my inquiries about mutual friends with a smile and… Read More

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Helping Your Child Through Their First Broken Heart

Breakups are painful at any age, but there is something about the first breakup in the teenage years that is just extra-excruciating—and it isn’t just painful for the teenager! As an adult, sitting with a teenager who is feeling the sting of… Read More

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How to Apologize to Your Middle Schooler

When my daughter was in elementary school, she was perfect. Like, literally. She was respectful, obedient, hard-working, and kind. Enter middle school. I woke up to a different human being living in my house. All of a sudden she didn’t like anything… Read More

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How Do I Encourage Kids to Be Friends?

At the beginning of every school year, the students in my class take a pre-test to measure what they already know. I remember my very first year teaching—I looked over my pre-test data with confusion. I just couldn’t understand why my kids… Read More

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What to Do When You Notice Your Kid Is Struggling Socially

You might parent a social butterfly, able to befriend even the most unlikely of people. Perhaps you parent an introverted child who struggles to form friendships.  Regardless of personality, every child faces social challenges. That social butterfly? I’m guessing he or she… Read More

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5 Ways to Build Rapport With the Leaders in Your Kid’s Life

Lots of relationships in life come without a manual. How exactly do people learn to . . . · Be a good spouse? · A good student? · A good parent? · A good coffee-shop customer? Without any instruction, you can wonder… Read More

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The Secret to Helping Your Kid Find Great Friends

Nothing has the potential to affect the course of your kid’s life quite the same way that their friendships do. Self-help guru Jim Rohn puts it this way: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”… Read More