Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

So neither Carey nor I are parenting experts. We are simply dads who constantly try to remind each other about the important stuff related to our families. We both openly admit that we are

  • somewhat dysfunctional,
  • a little insecure,
  • more stressed than we should be.

Oh, and there is one other fact that we will occasionally hide from strangers we meet. We are both pastors. That means we have spent most of our adult lives working in churches to help people grow in their relationships with God.

We don’t really consider ourselves to be experts on God or relationships. But we are both committed to a lifelong pursuit of figuring out how to love God and our families better, and to help other people do the same.

The ages of our children add up to nearly 120 years. That means we have collectively parented for over 43,500 days. So we have had a lot of time to experiment on our children. We have made a host of mistakes, but we have also had quite a few accidental discoveries that led to powerful and positive memories. Now that all of our children have turned out practically perfect, we are both comfortable writing a blog and book about our parenting skills. (Not really … just checking to see if you were actually reading.) Let us rephrase: Now that we have realized there is something more important than getting your kids to “turn out right,” we were compelled to write about what we are learning.  We called our book Parenting Beyond your Capacity, and it’s being released today at the Orange Conference! And our blog is launching today to invite parents and church leaders into an ongoing conversation.

So let’s start.  Here’s today’s question.  What’s your biggest challenge as a parent? In the next, post Carey will share his.