Author: Cara Martens

A Book Review : Siblings Without Rivalry

“Someday when you guys are older you will like each other and be best friends.” They’d been bickering. Again. But did I really just say that? How can I possibly know that? Is that just wishful thinking for my oldest son and my daughter who is two and a half years younger? Am I projecting based on my own experience? There’s a Psalm in the Bible that talks about how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity. Most of us would agree, but we have no idea how to get from here...

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Getting Practical: Are My Kids On Track

This is Part 2 of my Book Review for “Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach” written by experienced counselors: Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan. Why This Book Matters It’s not just teenagers that are struggling with things like depression, suicide, eating disorders, anxiety and bullies. Unfortunately, elementary kids are also experiencing these things or know a friend/family member who is. The struggle is real and they need us to lean in and look deeply at other things besides report cards and awards. A Sample of What’s Inside I...

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Reviewing: Are Your Kids On Track?

As soon as a child is born, we start measuring, don’t we? The number of fingers and toes. Height and weight. Number of wet diapers. Weeks and months. And my personal favorite, number of hours slept in a row. As they get older, that kind of counting doesn’t stop, it just changes—usually into more physical and cognitive milestones. Rolling over – check. Sitting up – check. Saying “No.” Knowing colors. Recognizing letters – check, check, check. What’s harder to measure are the so-called “softer skills” that round us out as human beings. Some still see social and emotional learning as that “fluffy feeling stuff”...

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Reviewing the Five Love Languages of Children

“Anger’s the most troublesome emotion in family life.” All you have to do is scroll down your Facebook feed or flip on the news to realize there are a lot of angry people out there. And if I’m being honest, there are times when anger simmers and wins in my own house. So how do you squelch the anger? There’s no magic pill, but I think it starts with how well we love each other in our families. Recently we had the pleasure of having Dr. Gary Chapman as a guest on our Parent Cue Live Podcast. I got...

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