Author: Tom Shefchunas

What You Need To Do Before (And After) You Give Your Kid a Phone

By far, the number-one thing parents of teens ask me when they learn what I do for a living is almost always about phones. It comes in several forms, but all of their questions about phones really boil down to two main questions: 1. When do I give my child a phone, and how do I help them win with it? 2. I’ve given my child their phone and it’s not going well . . . what do I do? While I can’t offer an answer for every scenario, I’d love to offer a few ideas that might help you think...

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The Importance of Letting Go

I’m writing this while sitting on a flight with my thirteen-year-old son on our way home from Uganda. Yep . . . Uganda! It’s actually an interesting story how it all happened. I had an opportunity to join a mission trip to Uganda to pilot if for our ministry. The trip was one designed for fathers and their children, and they asked if my son would join us. Right away I knew the answer for sure. Let me ask his mom. Her initial answer was predictable. It was simply . . . “I hate you.” Now, before you judge the quality...

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