Author: Carlos Whittaker

5 Ways to Get Comfortable with Different

When my kids were younger, my wife used to go to the grocery store with our three toddlers. She would often joke that the cashier would give her a “certain look.” A look that she felt said . . . “You need to choose a man!” Now, why would she say that? Well because we have three different shades of niños: White, brown, and browner. No, seriously . . . Our oldest came into this world white as snow. Our second came into this world as mocha as they come. And our youngest, we adopted from Korea. Three kids....

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Making Moments on Purpose

I’ve heard it said that life is sprinting past us. And I used to believe that.  Until one day I stopped to look at a rollie pollie on the ground with my 4-year-old son. He was absolutely mesmerized by this thing. And I was mesmerized by his mesmerization. I remember almost walking right by him to continue with some important grown up task. “DAD! LOOK! YOU HAVE TO LOOK!” So I got down on my belly, eye level with that tiny crustacean. I was suddenly floored. Every single time he touched that thing, it would roll into the most...

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