Author: Carlos Whittaker

Making the Most of Summer : Put Them to Work

Summer isn’t about you catering to your kids every fun whim. With potentially more time on their hands, and maybe even a little boredom, summer is the perfect time to create new systems to help your kids learn more responsibilities and contribute to the well-functioning of your home. Carlos encourages us this week to make the most of summer by putting your kids to work.

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Making the Most of Summer: Learn Something New

Summer is here! And we all want to make the most of it! All year long, we’ve been keeping to the rhythm of school schedules, last minute deadlines, and survival-mode routines. And while routine and predictability are important, they can become exhausting and mundane if we’re not careful. That’s why we love summertime! It’s a time when we can break free a little and focus more on creating meaningful moments with our family. Carlos Whittaker challenges us this week to learn something new with our kids this summer. It will look a little differently for each family, and it...

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5 Ways to Get Comfortable with Different

When my kids were younger, my wife used to go to the grocery store with our three toddlers. She would often joke that the cashier would give her a “certain look.” A look that she felt said . . . “You need to choose a man!” Now, why would she say that? Well because we have three different shades of niños: White, brown, and browner. No, seriously . . . Our oldest came into this world white as snow. Our second came into this world as mocha as they come. And our youngest, we adopted from Korea. Three kids....

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