Author: Jim Burns

Teaching Your Kids Radical Respect

Today’s culture is bringing an unhealthy sexualization to our kids at a younger and younger age. We were 4, 6, 9, 12, and 15 at one point, but we were never their age. They experience so much so young. With the onset of early sexualization in our culture, parents must become more proactive and preventative when it comes to teaching our children how to respect the opposite sex. The other night my wife Cathy and I were at our local mall. I pointed to a young boy about 8 years old standing by himself gawking at a larger than...

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How Birth Order Affects Your Children

I once heard a comedian ask the crowd, “How many of you are first-born children?” Those first- born in the crowd cheered and clapped. He then asked, “And how many of you are the baby of the family? The last born?” Again, the last born all rose to their feet and cheered even louder. Then he asked, “How many of you are the middle child in your family?” Before they could even respond he added, “Nobody cares!” The crowd groaned and smiled. But the middle children probably thought it was more true than it was a joke. My wife...

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My Child Was Caught Viewing Porn! What Do I Do?

The shock, shame, and anger that first takes place when you stumble upon the fact that your child has viewed porn is understandably terrifying. Every parent hopes their child will live with sexual integrity, and when we hear the statistics of kids and porn it can be disheartening. Yes, the average age of a child viewing porn in the United States is age 11 and there isn’t a mother or father around whose heart doesn’t break when we hear that fact. So what do we do? Here are 5 tips for handling the almost inevitable fact that your child...

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