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PCL 28: Why Kids Need Fiction

Dan Scott has extensively researched the power of story. In this episode, he talks with Kristen Ivy about how kids are wired to use stories, even fictional stories, to help them process the world around them, to learn empathy, and to gain perspective. Parents can use stories to teach important life principles and start meaningful conversations.

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PCL 27: Six Gifts Every Kid Needs

Reggie Joiner joins Kristen Ivy and Carlos Whittaker to talk about the 6 gifts every kid need. These are things you are probably already giving them, but you may not realize the potential they have when you give them consistently over time. Reggie and Kristen clarify how and why each of these 6 things matter so you can make the right kind of history with your kids. How to listen: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | TuneIn Click here to download your 6 Things Bookmark  6 Things BookmarkEnter your email address below for immediate access to the 6 Things bookmark. You...

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Celebrate Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness Day Ideas

What’s more important to you as a parent: How happy your kids are? How well your kids achieve? Or how kind they are to others? According to the Making Caring Common Project, 80% of youth in their study feel like their parents are more concerned with their happiness and achievement over whether the show concern for others. Most of these youth would agree their parents cared more about their grades than being a caring community member. Does that mean we are focusing on the wrong things? Maybe we are celebrating our kid’s achievement more, and showing that we value our own happiness over the feelings of...

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