Author: Parent Cue

The World is a Tenth Grader’s Oyster

“The world is my oyster!” I’m fairly certain Shakespeare was around the age of fifteen when he first wrote this phrase. I haven’t fact-checked that tidbit of trivia, but it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s a phrase to describe the feeling of someone who’s young, healthy, has no commitments, and is free to do exactly as they want. So, basically, that’s every tenth grader ever. Sophomores are in the best phase of their lives. They have new levels of independence, freedom, and mobility. They’re solidly assimilated into the social culture of high school. And yet, they...

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The Best Way to Help Your Four-Year-Old Learn

Who really knows what provokes that mischievous glint in the eye of a four-year-old just moments before they deliver the kick that makes the block tower tumble? I suspect it’s something about the thrill of destruction combined with the wondrous spectacle of discovery. Four-year-olds blend the reckless abandon of toddlerhood with the wide-eyed glimmer of preschool learning. You don’t have to look very closely to see the wheels turning in that still-disproportionately-large head of theirs. They’re taking in everything they possibly can about the big world around them, categorizing things, naming things, and putting it all together like a...

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The Best Part of Being a Third Grader

Third grade is a year of beautiful discovery and soul-shaping challenges. It’s a season of adventure for both you and your child. Most third graders still have a child’s innocent enthusiasm for life that allows them to embrace new experiences. It’s not without reason the catch phrase for this phase is “Sounds like fun!” Most third graders just have a naturally optimistic outlook. And your child will need this optimism as they enter this school year with some very real educational challenges. For many kids, third grade is the year of fractions, multiplication tables, and grammar rules. This may...

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