Author: Karen Wilson

Practicing Friendship

I really think we could learn a lot about friendship from our kids, especially when they are young. I’m always amazed at how easily kids can make friends on the playground, at the ball park, or in line at the grocery store. Maybe it’s just easier to strike up play when you’re younger than conversation when you’re older. Kids also must have short-term memories. They can be screaming at each other one minute and laughing together the next! That’s a lesson in forgiveness right there! But knowing how to be a good friend over time is not always intuitive for our...

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25 Days of Compassion

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. What makes it so special? The jingle bells, the wrapped presents, the winter wonderlands, the roasting chestnuts, the squeals of children . . .? Or is it that we are celebrating the greatest gift of all time: God sending his son Jesus into this world over two thousand years ago! It could be that we’ve kind of lost the joy of Christmas in our efforts to make it special, or maybe we’ve gotten side tracked with all the stress we’ve tacked on. And then of course, there’s the overspending and overeating. But what...

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Choose Less Stress

I don’t know about you, but I never use an alarm. Alarms make me grumpy. I just wake up. I know when it’s time, even when it’s a different time than usual. . . It’s internal. I sense it. Except on this one particular morning (and maybe a couple of other mornings too) one particular year of transitioning to being a full time working mom. It might have been a prolonged dream that I was intent on pursuing until the happy ending, but for whatever reason on this day, I wake up at 7:27am. It takes me 30 seconds...

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Second Child

I am a second child. So I know what it’s like . . . to have the fewest baby pictures. to feel invisible when an older sibling walks in a room. to wear the hand-me-downs. to feel forgotten when younger siblings are born. to compete for attention. to get away with more. to feel less important. to become independent. Now, I have two kids. So now, I have a SECOND child. And I promised myself from the beginning that I would pay attention. I wouldn’t let the quiet, independent one get lost. And I would definitely make sure each...

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Innocent Little Liars

Your cute innocent little children have deceived you. They are not who they appear to be! If you haven’t already caught them in a lie, chances are you will. And more than once—as toddlers, as young children, and as teenagers. At first you might want to try to suppress laughter as you watch them unknowingly betray themselves. They’ll tell you they didn’t eat the chocolate cake that is smeared all over their face. They’ll try to persuade you they brushed their teeth, but not let you smell their breath. They’ll say they found that trinket in the parking lot,...

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