Author: Liz Hansen

I’ll Show You Honor

For most of us, the concept of honor is inextricably linked with flags and Fourth of July, military salutes and Veteran’s Day. After all, the men and women who put their lives on the line for the sake of our freedom are definitely deserving of recognition for the brave work they do. But at its heart, honor merits a daily, rather than seasonal, role in our lives and families. One simple way to define honor is this: Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. Honor: Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. Click...

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Toddlers Have Super Powers

My son started walking about three months ago. It took less than three days to realize we had entered a whole new world. A world where he could now access the dog at will and climb up the kitchen island when something shiny caught his attention. Like knives. This kid hasn’t even hit 20 pounds yet, but he has no trouble keeping me and my husband’s combined 300 pounds on the move every waking hour. It really isn’t human. In fact, it’s superhuman. Science backs me up on this. To start with, my son’s hearing is better than mine....

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Comparison Is the Thief of Contentment

“Gracie gets super excited when her big brother comes into the room and calls out ‘bubba!’ Plus she says ‘doggy’ and ‘book’ and ‘ball’ and ‘milk.’ She’s just so bright and never stops chattering!” My Facebook friend was enthusing about her 9-month-old. My 15-month-old son was currently stuck on “dada” for everything. Even “mama,” which had shown up for awhile, had dropped out of the rotation. I gritted my teeth and scrolled down past another friend’s professional family photo shoot in a sunset meadow. We may have a gazillion photos of my son—but only a scant few iPhone snapshots...

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