Author: Natalie Kitchen

4 Ways to Connect with Your Kid’s Teacher

Do you remember your first grade teacher? I loved mine. I remember how Ms. Parker erased the board from left to right every day and then wrote the new date in the top right hand corner. I also remember how she showed me how to use a ruler because I was sick on the day she taught everyone else. She knelt near my desk and she helped me measure my arm and my folder and my snack. Now that our oldest is in school, I’m beginning to understand the crazy reality of widening his circle. I know his teachers...

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Making Room for Questions

Creating a Rhythm that Helps your Kids Open Up on Their Terms Every day now, I wait for my five-year-old to come home on the bus. I can see him stretching to peek out the window as it pulls around the corner. When he steps off, his cheeks are red from the heat, and his face is covered in his snack. I cross the street, and take his hand and his backpack. We wait for the bus driver to give us the ‘two-fingered signal’ (yes-it’s a thing) to cross, and we start our walk home. It’s our new rhythm....

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