Author: Nina Schmidgall

Cultivating a Prayer Habit

When my son was about three or four years old, we started to prompt him to contribute his own prayer requests as we were getting him settled into bed at night. “Buddy, why don’t you go ahead and talk to God? You can give Him thanks for something or ask him for something or just share with him.” In his little voice, he would say, “Thank you God for my sister. Thank you for my fish . . . and my dresser . . . and my bed. Oh, and thank you for my pillow.” We quickly caught on...

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How to Invite Others to Invest in the Lives of Your Kids

“Mom, did you know that one time Ms. Sandra had a real live moose in her house?”  “Hey mom, Miss Amy and Mr. Adam told me we are going to make snow globes when they come over next! Real snow globes!”   “Mom, isn’t it so funny when Miss Jenilee always shouts ‘Holla!’ when she is excited? What does that even mean?” These are some of the conversations I have with my children about their friendships with adults outside of our family. They are fun little stories and tid-bits that reflect real relationship and investment into their lives. We are...

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Passing Down Faith

My daughter plays the violin. She started when she was just four-years-old, playing Twinkle, Twinkle on her little miniature instrument.  Now, she’s eight and plays in a youth orchestra, sitting tall and poised, reading music written by famous composers. It feels like a little miracle, especially since I have never been trained to play an instrument myself. In fact, there is nothing that convinces my daughter of my absolute use-lessness more than our regular practice sessions. My ignorance becomes painfully obvious any time she needs help or guidance. I mean, I sometimes try to fake it. I sit-in during her lessons and...

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Don’t Miss Date Night!

When I informed my daughter one night that a sitter was on her way because mom and dad were going out on a date, she crossed her arms to express her displeasure that she was not being invited along on the outing. “You guys like each other more than you like us! Hmph!” But the little smile on her face gave me a clue to her real feelings. She is thankful for a mom and dad that love each other and finds comfort in our desire to be together. There are endless things that our children need from us to...

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