Author: Sarah Bragg

Be Kind to Yourself

It doesn’t take long to realize that we tend to develop our identity based on our behavior. That’s true for your life and for your kid’s life. If we have gold stars for behavior, then we believe we have a good identity. And if we mess up or fail, then we believe those behaviors define our identity, too. We hear statements from our kids and in our own heads, like . . . “I’m a failure.” “I’m a screw-up.” “I’ll never get it right.” “I’m unlovable.” These are statements we would never say to someone we love, yet we...

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How to Find Refreshment In The Middle of Summer

Think back to what summer was like before you had kids. Do you remember the glory of it? The late start to the day. Creating your own schedule. Taking actual vacations? (Because let’s be honest, a day at the beach with kids is not really a vacation. It’s more like an episode of Baywatch minus the swimsuit body.) Summers used to be about recharging. Taking time off from the daily grind in order to come back refreshed. I think the people who need refreshment the most are parents, yet it’s sometimes most difficult for parents to find it. Instead, you find yourself...

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When Your Daughter Asks “Do I Look Fat?”

Do I look fat? My mother probably heard that phrase more times than she could count. Every other thought in my head as a nine-year-old was about my image. My first diet happened at that age. At age ten, I was called fat at a pool party. I can vividly remember the embarrassment from being weighed at school during PE in the fifth grade. For the love, why do schools do that? I’ve heard it said that children determine their worldview—how they see the world—by the age of nine. All of those moments for me were the foundation on...

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