So much of the holiday season is rushing and waiting. We rush to decorate, buy gifts, attend parties, and see family. We wait for the cookies to bake, Santa to arrive, and a comforting return to normalcy. In the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget to help our kids understand what makes this season important: spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the amazing gift of Jesus.

The best present you could ever give is your presence. Here are five ways to make quality memories with your family this season:

1. Turn off the lights and read the Christmas story from Luke 1-2:38 by the light of the Christmas tree. (Have a house with little ones? You could even use characters from a Nativity scene to act it out!)

2. Make a holiday breakfast for dinner. Turn your pancakes into snowmen with chocolate chip faces and bacon scarves. 

3. Leave bagged Christmas snacks and drinks at your doorstep for the delivery people showing up all season. Make a festive sign to say “thank you!”

4. Have each family member choose a cookie cutter that represents something good God has done for them this year. Then bake and decorate a batch of cut-out cookies. (There’s no shame in ready-made dough!) 

5. At bedtime, retell the story of each of your children’s birth or arrival in the family. Pray for families who are welcoming children in the midst of unusual or difficult circumstances right now. 

Give your family the gift of connection.

You’ll find even more memory-making ideas in The Advent Experience Box. Each box includes everything you need to make the countdown to Christmas meaningful and enjoyable—Scripture readings, activities, discussion questions, prayers, and more all in one box! Give your family the gift of connection and reflect on the true reason for the season. 

Advent Experience Box 2023