Here’s one thing I know. There isn’t a parent out there who woke up with the thought, I wonder how I could ruin my child today? We know you want to be the best parent you can be. But being a great parent requires more than focusing on your child. It calls for the courage to look within yourself and assess how YOU are doing. It’s time to make your parenting personal and we’re here to help. Want to know yow to up your parenting game? Let’s start with a few simple questions.

How’s it going with the stuff that’s hidden deep?

No, we’re not talking about the lint beneath your bed or what’s shoved under the couch cushions. This is getting at your emotional well being and how you are doing in managing your emotions and noticing what’s bubbling inside. Haven’t had time to even consider this? We get it. Life gets crazy and keeping up with your work, the carpool schedule, and making sure everyone has clean underwear is enough to make your head spin. But here’s the truth: The strength of your emotional core has a direct correlation to the strength of your parenting. You may think all is well and then the hamster gets loose, your youngest is losing it and wham, you find yourself having an internal meltdown that ranks right up there with Chernobyl. Don’t worry. Some simple attention to yourself can get you back on track. Check out these ideas.

Are you hanging with the right crowd?

If you parent a teenager, this question probably sounds familiar. But it applies to you too. Do you hang out with friends that support your parenting goals? Is it a place where you’re encouraged to be yourself, no pretense of perfect kids or award-winning parenting? A place where you can laugh together and feel human again on the days that make you feel just a bit crazy? Just like your kids, you need friends who bring out the best in you and encourage you to keep going when the going gets tough.

Do you have a supporting partner in your parenting?

Parenting is too hard to do alone. Whether you are married or a single parent, having someone to share the load is essential. If you are married, investing in the relationship with your spouse and spending time talking about the things that really matter in your parenting can be a tremendous gift. For great resources on strengthening your marriage visit

If you are not married, a supporting partner is still crucial. This person could be a close friend or relative or even your own parent. Someone who will listen, not lecture. Someone who’s wisdom you trust. Don’t have anyone like this in your life? Look around at your workplace or church for someone’s parenting style you admire and offer to buy them a cup of coffee. Relax and ask some questions that are on your heart. It might just lead to some great conversation.

Are you growing as a parent?

Every day your kids are learning new skills. How about you? What are you reading or listening to on parenting or personal development that pushes you to get better? And what are you doing to prioritize for it? There’s already so little time and so much out there on parenting, it can be hard to filter through. But, you’ve landed here on this blog which means you’re starting in the right place.

Have you found a community that helps you grow in your faith?

We get it. Your life is already full of people, commitments and obligations that seem mountainous. But a life giving community that connects you to the God who created your kids and understands their quirks even better than you do is a game changer. In every parenting journey there will be moments when you just don’t know what to do. This is where a church or small group of Christ followers can surround you with stuff that matters. A listening ear. Prayer. God’s words. For a list of strategic family-centered churches near you, check this out.

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What’s one thing you can do today to make it personal and grow in your parenting? Decide on a next step and then ask a friend to hold you accountable.