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Cell Phone Agreement

Helping kids learn how to be responsible with cell phones is a pretty big deal. This resource will help you communicate clear expectations with your child. Read More

Birth - 5 years | Fight For The Heart

What to Do With the Curiosity of a Three-Year-Old

If you ask me, any phase that involves sleeping through the night is far superior to any that don’t. Add uninterrupted REM to the fact that most three-year-olds are beginning… Read More
Episode 39

PCL 39: Parenting Boys During the Middle School Years – What To Know and What To Do

Jeff Henderson, lead pastor of Atlanta-area Gwinnett Church joins us to talk about how parenting boys during the middle school years, ages 11-14, is critical to establishing a sense of… Read More
Episode 11

PCL 11: Technology Through The Phases

Jon Acuff, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy discuss how to raise technologically responsible kids by imagining the end and giving clearly defined goals for parents at each phase of a… Read More