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Brooklyn Lindsey

Brooklyn is an wife and mother, an international speaker and writer.  She has served as a youth ministry pastor for nearly two decades and recently planted SOMOS Church with her husband in Lakeland Florida. She founded The Justice Movement, a global youth community that creates educational resources and events to empower churches and youth to do compassionate works of justice together. She’s an Orange Leader, wellness advocate, and recent marathoner. She, her husband Coy, have two kids, daughters who they adore.

Episode 76

PCL 76: How to Find Peace in Small Moments

Brooklyn Lindsey, a writer, speaker, and youth pastor in Lakeland, Fla., joins host, Carlos Whittaker, to talk about how to find a sense of calm and peace amidst life’s chaos. Read More

Family Life

Fight For Their Heart

Parents don’t usually post pictures of their kids on the second day of school. That made me consider taking another set of pictures this year, one at about 6:30 PM… Read More

High School (9th-12th)

Through the Tough Decisions

During my first year of youth ministry, my husband and I had siblings that were also teenagers. My youngest sister would tell you that my role in her life was… Read More

Family Life

A Place to Fail

Ninety percent of parenting is mental, the other half is physical. In other words, it takes all of you and a little more. Parenting is no joke and lends itself… Read More

Special Topics

The Face of Grief

Grief has no face until you see it in the face of someone you love. It has no shape until you watch it gather in an instant, one usually out… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Fight For The Heart | Make It Personal

What’s Going On In Your Heart?

It had been a rough week. School was just beginning. Our family was transitioning through some things. My husband and I had to adjust to a new job change for… Read More

Create A Rhythm

Farewell Summer

It’s fun to scroll the Facebook feed for photos of families on vacation. I absolutely L-O-V-E seeing parents and kids being themselves and having fun together. Since I’m a youth… Read More
Fireworks and spontaneous family reunions

Social Life | Widen The Circle

Fireworks and Spontaneous Family Reunions

As light shoots into the sky, we huddle up. Ooooohhh. Ahhhhhh. Wow. An aerial art show stills the crowd on New Year’s Eve or Independence day—or every day if you… Read More


Kids Are Funny (Terrifying)

Our chickens aren’t hiding useful intel on terrorists, but our kids tortured them anyway. It was Taco Tuesday (the night our “framily” gets together at one of our houses for… Read More