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Candice Wynn

Candice Wynn has served as both a Youth and Next Generation Pastor for over 13 years in the South East USA. Candice is infatuated with all things urban and artsy.  As such, she and her husband, Maxim, often spend their weekends creating graffiti art, baking with their two children, Mason and Sunni, or sneaking off for a date - when they can find a sitter.

How we talk about our kids

Family Life

How We Talk About Our Kids

I’m sure all parents would agree that our children test our patience, frustrate us and yes . . . even get on our nerves sometimes. If that hasn’t been your… Read More

Make It Personal

Choosing Yourself Is Not Neglecting Your Family

Sometimes it’s a struggle to really learn that just because we choose ourselves, doesn’t mean we are neglecting our family. In fact, it places us in a position to offer… Read More
Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality | Parent Cue Blog

Special Topics

Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality

If we want to raise a new generation of leaders who will initiate racial equality; ignoring conversations of race, racism, injustice and inequality are not privileges any of us are… Read More

Family Life | Fight For The Heart

Planting Seeds of Truth for Your Kids

I was always extremely skinny as a child. Adults would consistently made jokes about my size. They referred to me as a “string bean,” said I was “nothing but skin… Read More