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Courtney DeFeo

Courtney DeFeo is a popular blogger, the creator of ABC Scripture Cards, which are sold nationwide, and the author of “In This House We Will Giggle”. A graduate of Auburn University, she has a background in marketing and public relations and has worked for Ketchum Public Relations and Chick-fil-A. Courtney and her husband, Ron, currently live in Orlando, FL and are the parents of two young girls, Ella and Larson. You can read more from Courtney on her blog, Lil Light O’ Mine.

Fight For The Heart | Make It Personal

What Every Tween Girl Needs From Her Mom

Do you remember the year you turned nine? How about twelve? I remember. I remember playing outside with my friend Erin. I remember my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. I remember… Read More
Episode 34

PCL 34: Using Play to Teach Your Kids Life-Changing Values

Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle, shares how to teach your kids life-changing virtues by doing anything but lecture them. She encourages parents to instead tap… Read More


Passing Down a Faith-Filled Life, Not a Trial-Free Life

Do you remember the first time your child was in harm’s way? I remember the time my oldest kicked a bright bouncy ball and landed on her head on the… Read More

Character and Values | Elementary (K-5th)

Raising Honest Kids

I’ve had many memorable parenting moments at Target, but this one trumps them all. My neck is getting red and splotchy just thinking of this day. This is the story… Read More

Imagine The End

My Days on A Pit Crew

Many of my childhood weekends were filled with kid stuff—playing outside, wading in the creek, playing with dolls and roller-skating. However, there was a short time when I was on… Read More