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Diane Dokko Kim

Diane is a parent to a child with multiple special needs, disability ministry consultant, speaker and author of Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special Needs Parent (Worthy, April 2018). Her two-fold passions are encouraging struggling families, and equipping local churches to become fully inclusive faith communities. Connect with her at http://www.dianedokkokim.com/ where she blogs on being wrecked, redeemed and repurposed.

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Raising Kids Who Embrace Those Who are Different

“Mommy, what’s wrong with that kid?” Your child just blurted out an earnest question. . . in front of someone who appears to have a disability or simply looks different,… Read More

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This Is My America (This Is Yours, Too)

My family is Korean-American, children of immigrants. We're what the media would call "devout, evangelical Christians." We have a son who is disabled, non-verbal with autism and ADHD. Especially living in… Read More

Special Needs Parent Stealth Bomber

There are helicopter parents, then there are Special Needs parent stealth bombers. How this Asian Special Needs Tiger Mama Bear (I know. That’s a lot of mixed metaphors) nearly became… Read More

“Who Me, a Special Needs Parent? I’m the Wrong Person for This Kid!”

By Diane Dokko Kim My mother often laments how I am such a LOUD girl. When we’re on the phone, she typically asks me to turn down my volume.  Or… Read More