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Jennifer Walker

Jennifer has multiple roles: Wife, mother of three, pediatric nurse, author, public-speaker, infant and toddler care consultant and co-founder of Moms on Call. She has a heart to serve and equip parents for the realities of parenthood using the simplicity of encouragement, grace and laughter.

3 Household Rules I Never Knew I Needed | Parent Cue Blog

Birth - 5 years

3 Household Rules I Never Knew I Needed

There are just too many rules. We can keep track, but they cannot. They are just trying to sort out a few colors and put together a sentence! So, we… Read More
your preschooler doesn't have to like it

Birth - 5 years | Imagine The End

Your Preschooler Doesn’t Have to “Like” It

Several years ago, my family helped an African family of six assimilate into American culture so they could study ministry. One of my most vivid memories was their first visit… Read More