Kristen Ivy

Kristen is the President at Orange and Parent Cue and a Co-Founder of The Phase Project. She and her husband Matt are currently parenting their three amazing children through the phases.

3 Ways to Connect With Your Kid at Any Phase | The Parent Cue Blog

Family Life | Featured

3 Ways to Connect With Your Kid at Any Phase

You show me a parent, and I’ll show you someone who is overwhelmed, stretched, and scrambling to get it all done. Here are three ways Parent Cue can partner with… Read More
Prove You Love Them | Parent Cue Blog

Family Life | Featured

Prove You Love Them

When I think about my kids, there is a love inside that I honestly don’t know how to explain. But, what if the best thing we can do for our… Read More
Celebrating Christmas With Your Baby | Parent Cue Blog


Celebrating Christmas With Your Baby

What you do every week matters. And what you do every week matters more when it happens over time. But there are some moments that only come around seasonally, annually,… Read More
How You Love a Baby | The Parent Cue Blog
Divorced at Christmas | Parent Cue Blog

Create A Rhythm | Special Topics

Divorced at Christmas

Christmas is a season that evokes a lot of memories. Some memories are sweet. Some memories are bitter sweet. Some memories are just bitter. I’m fortunate enough to have some… Read More
Your Teenager Can Outrun You | Parent Cue Blog

High School (9th-12th) | Imagine The End

Your Teenager Can Outrun You

When I was fourteen, I ran away. I wasn’t planning to—my mom made me. I simply walked outside after we had a fight, and she followed. I walked faster and… Read More
34 Reasons My Middle Schooler Might Be Freaking Out

Current Events

Post Election Conversations: Your Kids are Listening More Than You Think

Yesterday was a strange day. This is the fifth election in which I was old enough to vote, and I cannot remember one with this level of intensity. Maybe I’ve… Read More

Character and Values

Your Teenager Is a Liar

I like teenagers. I’ve spent over fifteen years choosing to spend time with them. I’ve slept on basement floors, ridden on charter busses, and eaten my fair share of camp… Read More

Elementary (K-5th)

What Your Kid Isn’t Telling You

I was cutting out paper hearts with my four-year-old at the kitchen counter when it happened. You can imagine: craft paper spread out around us, Elmer’s glue, the class roster,… Read More
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