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Sarah Bragg

Sarah Bragg has worked with students in ministry for more than 15 years and previously worked in full-time ministry for 7 years. Her book titled Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves helps young women find their value in the One who matters. She is the Lead Editor for a student strategy and curriculum called XP3 Middle School for Orange at the reThink Group. She has a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Sarah and her husband, Scott, and their daughters, Sinclair and Rory, reside in Marietta, Georgia. To listen to conversations about surviving life, check out her podcast Surviving Sarah on iTunes and to follow along with her life, check out www.survivingsarah.com.

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What to Do When Your Kid Offends You

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Discipline vs. Punishment

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Surviving Parenthood

If you knew what was involved in parenting, would you still go back and choose to do it? I’ll be honest, most days I would say, "no." I would say… Read More

Family Life | Make It Personal

Be Kind to Yourself

It doesn’t take long to realize that we tend to develop our identity based on our behavior. That’s true for your life and for your kid’s life. If we have… Read More
Episode 47

PCL 47: How To Parent A Strong-Willed Child

Sarah Bragg, a content director at Orange who has worked in student ministry for more than 15 years, shares her honest, heartfelt experience in parenting a strong-willed child in today’s… Read More