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Tricia Lott Williford

Tricia Lott Williford is a remarried widow and the mom of two young men who could charm you to the moon with their freckles. She collects bracelets, pens, words, and coffee mugs. She is a sought-after speaker for events and conferences around the country. She is the author three books, and her newest is called You Can Do This: Seizing the Confidence God Offers. Tricia writes daily on her blog, tricialottwilliford.com.

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

Will I Miss This?

I was holding my friend’s baby boy, a long-awaited newborn who was fifteen days old. He was wide-eyed awake and cuddly, and I was as smitten as I’ve always been… Read More
You're a good parent

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

You’re a Good Parent Even When You Drop Plates

Tucker was a few weeks old, and it was my first night back to my part-time job as a writing teacher. I’m pretty sure I was teetering under the weight… Read More

Fight For The Heart | Special Topics

How to Share Authority in Blended Parenting

Blended Parenting is about Shared Authority. It’s the balance of saying, “I know she was in charge, but now he is too.” It’s the careful dance of listening and learning,… Read More

Faith | Imagine The End

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Choosing Joy at Christmas Christmas can feel complicated. We can feel lots of emotions at once: harried with many things to do, spread thin inside a calendar filled with parties… Read More

Character and Values

How to Teach Kids the Art of Writing Thank You Notes

We are in that sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where it seems that everything around us takes a soft curve—or a sharp right turn—from a spirit of gratitude to… Read More