More than 50% of the time, parents and children from the same family disagree about what activities are meaningful. That’s according to the National KidsDay Meaningful Time Survey, conducted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

More children say fun-focused activities (49% vs. 35%) constitute meaningful time, whereas the vast majority of parents place instructive activities at the top of their lists (62% vs. 35%).

30% of parents believe all the time they spend with children is meaningful, regardless of what they are doing. Only 11% of kids feel the same way.

Parents tend to want to enrich their parenting experience, while children desire to feel wanted and supported.

Fathers appear to be more oriented to athletic or event-type activities, whereas mothers seem to be more oriented to either informal interaction or instructive activities.

Does any of this surprise you?  What do you think qualifies as meaningful time?  Would the kids in your life agree?

To read the article from USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education), click here.